Natural Remedies for Depression

Depression is an illness that affects a person’s body, mind, and thoughts. It is estimates that about 20 per cent of people will suffer from some degree of depression at some time in their life. It is believed that more women tend to suffer from depression than do men. Some people are so incapacitated by their depression that they require some form of medical treatment. In cases of chronic depression, where the depressed person is suicidal, hospitalization is required.

You may be suffering from depression if you are experiencing some of these easy to identify signs of depression: if you are overeating or under eating combined with sudden extreme weight gain or weight loss, generalized feeling of fatigue, lacking interest in prior enjoyments, increased lack of ability to make decisions or concentrate, lacking ability to make decisions, unable to concentrate, easily irritated at seemingly petty things, insomnia, spending too much or difficulty getting out of bed, talking about death or suicide, or lacking any interest in sexual desire.

There are many causes of depression. Some of these causes include hormonal imbalances, trauma, anxiety, stress, genetics, vitamin deficiencies, and/or chemical imbalances in the brain.

The first step in getting rid of depression is to acknowledge your depression and a willingness to seek help. There are many forms of treatments for depression now-a-days but not all of them are appropriate for everyone. The traditional accepted method of treating depression involves some forms of psychotherapy combined with anti-depressant drugs, which often have unwanted side effects.

To minimize the side effect drugs, a growing trend in the use of natural remedies to treat depression by relieving some of its symptoms.  Some natural remedies to consider for treating depression are rose petals, sugar in hot water, licorice tea, dry asparagus root, apples, milk, honey, and St. John’s wort.

Besides using natural remedies as a way to getting rid of your depression, altering your diet may be an effective way to combat depression. What you eat affects your body’s chemical balance and ultimately how you feel. It makes perfect sense to take care of your body by eating foods that promotes a healthy body and a healthy mind. Follow a balanced diet and incorporate an antioxidant multi-vitamin/mineral supplement to be certain that you are meeting your dietary requirements with all the necessary nutrients.

Besides a healthy diet, exercise, soaking in a tub, a well-balanced diet, meditation, prayer, and/or relaxation techniques can also play a role in treating depression. Exercise is an excellent treatment for depression symptoms and may help to boost your mood. Many people find that exercise can work as well as antidepressants.

Some people find that their stress is lowered by getting involving in a hobby, such as a craft or writing, or alleviate their sense of hopelessness by helping others through voluntary work.

And still other people find relieve by the daily practice of meditation, which is perhaps the best way to deal with the root of their depression and change it. However, meditation does not produce results right away and requires long-term commitment.

An important thing to remember if you or a love one is suffering with depression is to not deal with it alone. Learn the self-help techniques mentioned above and to surround yourself, or that other person, with supportive people that can help during difficult times. If self-help techniques don’t work to alleviate your symptoms of depression, then it is best to enlist the help of a professional psychotherapist.









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